FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I register for a my business?
Registration is entirely online through our website or our facebook page. Please follow this link and provide relevant information about your business/services.
I have different businesses so should I create different accounts for each business?
No. You will be able to create multiple businesses in a single login. This will help you to manage all listing under a single login. But, this is good practice to create different listing if the services you offer have different nature.
The sub-area in which I am operating business is not listed in sub-area list?
Please suggest us the sub-area, we will update our list and update in your listing as well.
The services I am offering are not listed in the list?
Please suggest us if you think the services which you are offering is not available in our list. We will add in our list and update your listing accordingly.
What are the differences between free and premium memberships?
The premium members will be able to create their own page with customize look and feel. The premium members will be able to add more photos and details of their business/services. You are advised to check premium pages of other advertisements to get better ideas.
How can I get premium membership?
You can apply for premium membership after login to your listing. If you have multiple listing then you have to select premium membership for which business.
What are the charges for premium membership?
You can check charges for the premium membership after login. The charges are based on duration and other facilities.
How can I pay for premium membership?
You can pay online using various credit cards, debit cards of various banks and other payment options. We will advise you to pay using our secure online payment gateway, this will instantly upgrade your listing as soon as payment confirms. The offline method is also there which will take time to verify your payment, contact us to know more.
My business is listed here but I have not added this, how can I take control over this?
You can contact us if you want to own your business.
Can I register someone else with my credit card?
You can, but you need to use his/her credentials (login/password on the website).
I have added my business details but it’s not appearing in the search results?
We review every listing before approval so usually your advertisement will be available in the search within 24 Hours.
Does everybody have to pay to list business here?
No, you can place your services/business information FREE. Additionally, you can post offers and discounts you are offering to attract customers. You can keep you listing updated with latest information and updated services or business happenings.
I am offering different discounts on old stock and new arrivals then, how to add this information?
You can add two different entries for this to offers, one for old stock with different discount and other for new arrivals with different discounts/offers. Like one with 20% discount on old stock and another with 10% discount on new stock.